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Updates on Thomas Jefferson High School Red Cross Blanket and Coat Drive 

Blankets keep us warm when the cold winds blow.  Wool ones stay warm in the rain and snow.  You can sit on them to watch a sporting event, at picnics, or fold them up for a cushion.  In Native American traditions, blankets are used to establish relationships between parent and child.

In addition to helping veterans gain temporary and permanent housing, we also help veterans to live their lives in balance.  We are so happy to say that this week we will receive a donation of blankets and coats for our veterans. The donations would have been received earlier, however, the snow storms we received had other plans!   

To give a blanket is to demonstrate great respect, honor, and admiration for an individual. When receiving a blanket as a gift, the giver holds the individual in very high respects for their generosity and accomplishments. It is believed that receiving a blanket will bring good dreams and prosperity.

October is national bullying prevention month. 

Perhaps you know someone who has been bullied recently? October was National Bullying Prevention Month.  Veterans On the Rise or VOTR, a 501(c)3 that ends homelessness in veterans and veteran families converged on  Title Boxing Gym in Springfield, VA for the Find THE GREATEST You event. There we learned techniques, burned calories, and just played.  This event was meant also to draw attention to issues of mental health awareness and to foster a spirit of healthy self-care with VOTR customers, staff, and community members.  At VOTR, we believe that movement goes key to self-care.  VOTR veterans are going to start going to TITLE regularly boxing workout efforts.

VOTR is helping veterans to live in balance. We are dealing with their vocational, housing, and holistic needs.  Exercise and movement are one of the areas key to addressing challenges. If you would like to get involved please contact us at info@vetsontherise.org. We are always looking for community members who would like to help us orchestrate our fitness and health and wellness efforts! We look forward to seeing you!!!

In September 2017 Avalon Bay showed a spirit of caring. 

This year marked the second annual Spirit of Caring month with Avalon Bay development communities.  We welcomed over 44 volunteers to our facilities for a series of not one, not two, but five service events.  These events included painting, networking, light construction, and other efforts. Some are more able-bodied veterans joined in the fun.  The final service event day culminated with a cookout for the veterans, staff and volunteers.  See some of the images below! If your organization is looking for a team building or service project we are always looking for groups to come in and assist with our efforts.  Please contact info@vetsontherise.org.

Visit from America Works, Grid Alternatives, and Solar Ready Vets!

America Works visited VOTR to help us recruit veterans into employment opportunities.  We also met with Grid Alternatives, and Solar Ready Vets to explore opportunities to get our veterans connected to the best employment opportunities. We even tried to get some services dogs to our facilities for a fun day of therapeutic interaction. Hoping to see a service dog event or something like it happen soon.  We encourage companies who are participating in the Fair Chance Business Pledge to connect with VOTR and consider hiring a veteran! Get a glimpse of our training with Grid Alternatives here Solar Roofing clip @ VOTR.

An electrician apprenticeship to light up your life!

VOTR has hosted an electrician apprentice open house on Dec 22, 2015. VOTR escorted a cohort of veterans interested in becoming electricians to an electrician apprenticeship school in Laurel, MD for a facility tour and interest meeting about best ways to become certified as an electrician. VOTR will run another electrician information session in 2016 to highlight pathways for veterans to regain their footing after a time of valued military service or a stint of homelessness.

“By an irony of fate, my first employment was as a draftsman.  I hated drawing; it was for me the worst of annoyances.  Fortunately, it was not long before I secured the position I sought, that of chief electrician to a telephone company. ” — Nikola Tesla


A Breakfast with Santa

Breakfast with Santa was a beautiful celebration, hosted by VOTR and Families Forward on December 21, 2015. Family and friends gather together at VOTR to celebrate the joy of giving. Each family was greeted with a warm welcome as they entered into VOTR and were greeted by Santa and his helpers. Not only did each child receive five Christmas gifts, but they also left with a fresh set of school uniforms, and a warm breakfast in their tummies. 150 children and their parents were served. Many fathers came to Breakfast with Santa with their children.

Santa was as jolly as he could be when he took pictures with the families. The children’s hearts were full of joy when Ms. Gregory generously distributed.  Early Sunday morning VOTR vets partner with Families Forward to provide a breakfast of scrambled eggs, hash browns, and sausages. A brown Santa also attended the event and was on hand to greet children and take photos.


Executive Director of VOTR went to the Roach Brown Show to discuss issues of mental health care and homelessness in veterans in November 2015.

Roach Brown, David C, and Mr. Avery talk about the need to help heal the lives of homeless veterans.

Mr. Avery talks about why VOTR is important.

Head to the Roach Brown show to talk about veteran homelessness.